Kelvin Chia (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Sathorn Square Office Tower
16th Floor, Room no.  1603
98 North Sathorn Road

Silom, Bangrak

Bangkok 10500



Tel: (66 2) 108 1788
Fax: (66 2) 108 1787


For more information about this office or Thailand based transactions, please contact:


Phojana Sukphimai
Email:  phojana.sukphimai@kcpartnership.com

Marlon Wui
Email:  marlon.wui@kcpartnership.com



Kelvin Chia Partnership's Thailand office is the Thailand extension of our regional practice and serves as the full service local practice of well-seasoned lawyers with significant experience in Thailand-bound work, outbound work from Thailand, and multi-jurisdictional work involving Thailand.  

Our Thai practice is often sought-after, first and foremost for advising clients on the prospective or on-going conduct of their local businesses and driving their investments into Thailand, in respect of which our Thai team has substantive expertise and knowledge, further drawing upon the abundant wealth of transnational and/or multi-jurisdictional legal and business know-how of Kelvin Chia Partnership which continuously steers our Thai practice.  Our Thailand office also has the advantage of being fully functional in a wide variety of languages apart from English and Thai, including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Myanmese, Khmer and Filipino.  In particular, Kelvin Chia Partnership has Japanese, Chinese and Korean teams who are able to actively assist clients from Japanese, Chinese and Korean-speaking jurisdictions as they venture into Thailand, facilitating the bridging of languages towards effective legal assistance/services.

We offer a comprehensive legal and business package from the initial project planning stage, including sourcing for, where needed, suitable Thai joint venture partners and structuring the transaction, monitoring its progress through different governmental departments, guiding it through regulatory and administrative requirements, to post-licensing matters.  Our local experience extends to dealing with state, local government and special function authorities in Thailand, both in a legal as well as in a networking capacity, and our local lawyers are able to successfully manage cultural and other sensitivities that arise, aside from capitalizing on our extensive network of contacts to spearhead inbound projects.

Driving investments into Thailand, we assist investors incorporate appropriate corporate entities in Thailand. We likewise equip investors with comprehensive industry-tailored advice on the effective investment vehicle for market entry, and also provide them with a detailed overview of the legal regime applicable to the proposed business operations, along with all licensing and regulatory requirements.

Rigorously facilitating clients' business operations, we continuously collaborate closely with investors, assisting them with a full range of legal services, such as ensuring due compliance with all post-licensing requirements and on-going corporate governance, undertaking all corporate secretarial work, advising on the financing of their businesses and projects, preparing and managing commercial contracts, ensuring human resource compliance, undertaking all aspects of intellectual property work, providing tax planning advisory, undertaking all aspects of real estate and conveyancing work, handling subsequent incorporations of branches/subsidiaries, re-organizations and mergers and acquisitions, resolving any commercial or employment disputes that may arise, and at all times closely working side-by-side with investors in all their legal and business matters as they grow and expand their business, both in Thailand and on a regional level.

Other foreign companies venture into Thailand through participation in or acquisitions of existing foreign or locally invested enterprises.  The scope of services that we offer in this regard include advice on securities laws and regulations, and the injection of capital into Thailand and the repatriation of funds from Thailand (where it is a public participation/acquisition).  This is supported by legal due diligence on the target enterprise, emphasizing due establishment and rights to conduct the business, the proper maintenance of corporate books and records, land use or leasehold rights, the validity and enforceability of commercial contracts, employment issues and overall regulatory compliance.  Due diligence is reinforced by practical advice on how to redress or rectify problems identified in the due diligence. We also assist investors in the structuring, negotiation and implementation of the entire transaction, closing with post-participation/post-acquisition restructuring and compliance thereafter.

We have been appointed to act in a wide range of business transactions and investments, while serving a diverse client base comprised of multinationals, government-linked companies, corporations and businesses from around the world.

As part of Kelvin Chia Partnership's regional practice, we drive our clients' investments throughout Asia in a seamless interface "Today Thailand, Tomorrow Asia".

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