Kelvin Chia Partnership Pyongyang Branch Office
Suite 412 Potonggang Hotel
Pyongchon District
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Tel: (850 2) 381 5940
Fax: (850 2) 381 5840


For more information about this office or North Korea based transactions, please contact:


Kelvin Chia
Tel:  (65) 6408 7999
Email:  Kelvin.chia@kcpartnership.com



We are the first foreign law firm licensed to provide legal consultancy services in North Korea. In North Korea, we have the means to assist foreign investors to source for suitable projects and business partners.  In particular, we actively participate in the identification of suitable mining projects in North Korea. In conjunction with these services, we provide investment advice and draft, prepare and negotiate suitable investment contracts and application dossiers for submission to the authorities for approval. We continue to provide ongoing legal support and services to such of our clients who have successfully invested in North Korea and who seek to expand their investments or identify new investment opportunities.

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