We advise and represent clients in cases involving all aspects of white collar and blue collar crime under the various statutory provisions. We also assist in private prosecutions and the lodging of complaints in the Magistrate's Courts. Our work covers the spectrum of criminal matters, ranging from simple theft matters to contentious murder proceedings and complex white collar crime disputes such as corruption, corporate fraud (including breach of trust, cheating and forgery), offences under the Computer Misuse Act and breach of fiduciary duties.


We work closely with doctors, psychiatrists and other specialists and experts in cases involving contest of expert psychiatric or medical opinions.

Opinions are mixed on a recent speed-limit change implemented by the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT raised the speed limit from 75 to 80 mph on state Highway 45 and state Highway 130, outside the city of Austin.The DOT's public affairs officer, John Hurt, stated that these toll roads are made to accommodate vehicles moving at these high speeds, and said that the distance between the highway's exits are sufficiently spaced out to ensure both efficient and safe transportation. He also stated that the increased speed limit will make drivers looking to avoid traffic more inclined to travel on the toll roads.However, Hurt said that it's critical that drivers keep their full attention on the road when driving on the toll roads regardless of speed. He pointed out that reaction time and distance are significantly decreased at high speeds, making it even more dangerous to do things like text and drive.austin texas car accident lawyerOthers expressed concerns that the increased speeds not only decreases fuel efficiency, but that driving at higher speeds increases the risk that an accident will be deadly. Still, others are happy with the increase, saying it will allow them to reach their destination more quickly, and that there really isn't much difference between going 75 mph or 80 mph.It's unknown what, if any, effect, these increased Austin speed limits will have on the number or severity of car accidents on Highways 45 and 130. However, those injured in a wreck in Austin should immediately contact a top Austin personal injury attorney who can ensure that they receive the full compensation to which they're entitled.

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