Our firm also has a steadily growing mining and natural resources practice group that serves to complement our oil and gas practice. Our managing partner, Kelvin Chia, is instrumental for the development of our mining and natural resources expertise, and he assists our clients in identifying and structuring appropriate mining projects. Our team of practitioners have ably advised and assisted various clients on all legal aspects of investing, and structuring projects and acquisitions, in the mining and natural resources sectors of a number of jurisdictions including mineral resources-rich Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, North Korea and Thailand. With its sensitivity to and familiarity with the legal and commercial terrain of, and business/investment conditions in, most of the mining sectors in the region, our firm has been engaged and provides ongoing assistance in several acquisitions and other transactions involving coal, copper, gold and other minerals, including conducting the requisite legal due diligence exercise, and advising on and crafting, as well as participating in the negotiations of, production sharing agreements, mining services contracts and other mining project documentation, in conformity to the clients' specific business objectives and requirements.


For further information about our Mining practice, please contact Kelvin Chia

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